I’m sitting in the parking garage, in the closed and calming environment of my car, waiting. slowly I let the sound of RuPaul and Michelle Visage’s podcast- filled with earthly wisdom as it were- fade from the speakers and I take a deep breath. I think I must be ready, although I know I’m never truly ready to face this madness. The slow inhale followed by my exhale becomes a demarcation, a signal to myself that even though I don’t want to proceed to the next scene of my day, I will, at the bottom of the exhale. I get out of my car and walk into work. Everytime I get this feeling I’m reminded of the power it takes to turn your mind or thinking upside down. On its face, with a slap.

I must be insane to return to this place every day, this circus. I must really enjoy heading down society’s river which insists that I go along without question. Paying bills, earning a paycheck, go to school, get married, reproduce, stand in line there, do this and say that. Buy this. Part your hair that way.

It’s all written out for us we just have to learn how to read this language. And you’ll find the brave or scared souls that just couldn’t conform, somewhere lost along the way. But despite this, maybe happier and more settled with their inner being. They decided not to push in the opposite direction of the hamster wheel of life, instead they hopped off and walked in the other direction on a path that was not paved or cleared.

Human beings are funny, our behavior is odd and at the core we are all just confused animals subjected to the inclinations of our nature and nurture. Some of our programming is flawed and we don’t even realize it, but we can try and do something about this web that we can’t see.


~and to all a good life…