Unfortunately About Me

This is a blog by a girl that wrote a novel when she was 10, and lost it. She wrote another novel at 20, and thought she lost it. She started writing another novel, but got lost in the plot points. 7 years later, she found the novel from age 20 on a disc and recovered it. Only to see that it needed revising. She decided to write a screenplay because writing a novel required effort on her part to elaborate and draw everything out. She had seen a million and two movies. She loved movies. She knew movies. So she started a screenplay. She lost her job, her self- esteem wrecked like a ship on shore, and her heart a little bit broken by the rude misrepresentation that life became. She started freelance writing. She enjoyed it. She didn’t want to be stuck at a 9-6 job with people with bad attitudes anymore. She found herself navigating the murky waters of a life she never imagined. With no boundaries. Where road signs should be there were question marks. Where surety should be, there was shaky ground. And the story is left hanging in the air because no one really knows what the hell is going to happen tomorrow.  She is unfurling her creative wings to share the happenings of her turning mind with you. Your welcome.

To be continued…


~and to all a good life…


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